Friday, September 15, 2006

Tools of the Trade

NASA's Mars Exploration Rover 'Spirit' captured this image of a martian sunset on May 19, 2005
(Above: NASA's Mars Exploration Rover "Spirit" captured this image of a Martian sunset on May 19, 2005)

I find it quite amazing what we have been able to accomplish as a human race, specifically with respect to our exploration of the solar system. Technological advancements continue to enable new frontiers of discovery and yield incredible views into the vastness that surrounds us. Enormous telescopes sitting atop mountain peaks have deferred to unmanned spacecraft scouring the landscape of space with precision photographic capabilities. Once appearing only as fuzzy, pale-colored forms our neighboring planets now resemble brilliant, lively worlds which we gaze upon with wonder and intrigue.

Truly, we are blessed with a God-given knowledge that allows us to glimpse an ever-widening and increasingly detailed view of His splendid Creation.


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