Saturday, September 09, 2006

Are We Alone?

(Above: Galaxy Cluster Abell 1689—The immense gravity produced by this cluster is strong enough to bend light and acts to magnify distant objects sitting behind it...objects thought to be among the most remote in the universe)

Is it conceivable that within a universe of some one billion galaxies there exists not a single planet capable of sustaining life besides Earth?


I do not possess any scientific proof to support this claim (nor does anyone possess any proof to refute it), but I do stand by God's inspired Word. The Bible reveals God's overflowing love and adoration for His Creation, especially us humans whom He made in His own likeness. We are indeed special and unique, and despite our tendencies to sin God holds us in the highest regard. So high, in fact, that He would make us His only people in the entire universe, and the focal point of His purpose.

Heavenly us to understand just how special we are to You, and how You chose to make us the center of Your existence. May we glorify You by making You the center of ours. Amen.


At 9/09/2006 7:37 PM, Blogger Paul said...

Nice premise for a blog. I think everybody loves a good astronomy picture.

Thanks for the compliments on my related articles. Here's the links to the full series for any others who might be interested:
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I think they support your theme quite well.

At 11/12/2006 8:16 AM, Blogger In the Harbor said...

The heavens serve as the backdrop curtain of Creation. God called the stars together and holds them all in place.

At 8/05/2009 3:58 PM, Blogger Lori said...

My mind was on the same track this morning when I was posting on my blog and then found yours. I am so glad I did. Great comments as well! Lori


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